Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary !

This past Sunday I celebrated one year of marriage with my wonderful wife Brandy. We went out to dinner and the one thing we said over and over was how we couldn't believe how fast the year went. We are looking forward to the days ahead when our schedules settle down and we can have some what of a normal life.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Disengaging from work

Disengaging from work has been extra difficult this week. I am currently working for an IT consulting company and I thoroughly enjoy my job on most days. This week both of my superiors are on vacation and it's made my job pretty stressful. I had just come off my vacation and needed to catch up on somethings but never had the chance to; hitting the ground running with outstanding requests and new projects. I'm looking forward to next week when my attention will not be pulled in quite so many directions.
Regardless of this week or not, I find it rather difficult to disengage my brain from my work. It seems that when I get home I'm always thinking about the business, how I can improve it, how I can improve myself etc. I decided in college that no matter what kind of job I had after graduation that I wouldn't be one of those guys who sacrifices family time for the business. I believe God makes it clear that your identity should not be in your work but in Him, then your family, then maybe your job.
I'm going to have to cut this one short, but would love to hear any suggestions on "clearing the mind" when it's time to spend time with the family.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation Time

This past week my wife and I have taken a vacation to her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. I planned to work some and vacation some... bad choice. It seemed that whenever we'd plan to do something together, something came up at work. Regardless, we managed to have a pretty good time visiting her family.
We did managed to get a little too much sun. I only have a little burn on my shoulders but Brandy got it pretty bad on her whole front half. Oh well, she learned she didn't tan like she used to.
At the moment I'm sitting in cousin Becky's condo in Charlotte, North Carolina and finally feel like I'm on vacation... and we go home tomorrow. There aren't any fires to put out at work, just some tasks to get done during the day tomorrow. Both Brandy and I are pretty tired from staying out late last night at her sister's house, packing, me having a terrible allergic reaction to her sister's cats and catching the first plane out this morning. I just woke up from a quick nap and Brandy's still asleep, I enjoy naps. Becky picked us up this morning, we grabbed lunch at Chic-fil-a, walked around the mall and finished our outing with some ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. It was like being a kid again, having someone take you out and buy your lunch and ice cream, it was really fun and Becky's a blast anyway.

Time to relax a bit longer before having to head home tomorrow.