Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wow it's been awhile

Okay, so I came back from vacation, started a blog and then forget to update it...

Well I'm going to try to get better at that, just for that one and only reader.

I'm headed to another wedding tomorrow, thankfully the last of the summer. It's not that I don't like weddings, but all the traveling is getting expensive. I was looking at buying a car charger/FM transmitter for my iPhone and was about to pull the trigger at Walmart today. Except, I used my iPhone to scan the bar code and find it $30 cheaper online. So I don't get it in time for the trip, but for crying out loud, $30 cheaper?!?

Anyway, being the businessman that I am, the scenario poses an interesting question about commerce. When it comes to products, what percentage of consumers are okay with waiting for shipping to save a few (or many) dollars? I know I'm frugal and even though I'm bummed I didn't have the item for this up coming trip, I'll deal with it.

What about you?

Here's another thought, what about buying locally? If I can, I'd like to give the local guy my business even if costs a few dollars more (as long as the service is on par). What about you? Do you even think to buy local, choice by price, or some other deciding factor for where you purchase your goods?



  1. Oh and wait for shipping? Some companies are so good it's there within 3 days, pretty quick by standards.

  2. Well... I would love to buy locally more, but I find that the camera gear I need they don't usually have at the camera stores. I tend to have to buy online. I am pretty good about the shipping and am not in too much of a hurry as long as I am not getting it short-notice before an event I need it for. Hmmm... I am a bit more of a spender. I think I just spoil myself a little and do so in the name of business! Haha. We'll see how that all turns out in the long run! ;)