Saturday, June 26, 2010

Catching up...

So let's get things started... My name is Mat
thew, I follow Jesus, I have a wonderful wife, Brandy and work for an IT consulting company, Solution Innovators (And hopefully in that order although it's tough)

I think the inspiration behind trying to write a blog came from reading those of friends, particular, two of them. First, Laura and James are a couple I attended college with and Laura has an unbelievable talent for telling stories. Their blog depicts their life as newlyweds in a inner city neighborhood. Second, is from Adina. I met Adina at a good friend's wedding a couple weeks ago. I had the pleasure of serving Ryan as a groomsman as he did at my wedding. So there we were, standing at the rehearsal and there is a photographer snapping pictures. Not a big deal for a wedding, but Adina had the artist look going and she obviously knew how to handle her camera as she clicked away, yet was seemingly unobtrusive. Anyhow, the next day at the reception she hung out with us at the head table and we got to know her a bit. Anyway, we've become Facebook friends in efforts for me to get a hold of the wedding pictures. I noticed she had a photography blog, and being ever curious about photography I decided to take a look. Sure enough in a true artist fashion, she told her story of traveling throughout Europe with her camera and I was hooked. Take a look at her blog here. Hopefully some day I'll have the extra cash to pickup a nice camera and go to town.

Here's a photo my wife took at what appears to be an awkward moment during the rehearsal. Not a great picture, zoomed in from the back of the church, but it gets the point across.


  1. "Adina had the artist look going" ... I blame the black Chucks. I've actually shot a wedding wearing some "shiny dress-up" ones, but my sisters have threatened my life if I ever decide to shoot a WEDDING in those again. So... I was happy to wear them for the rehearsal! :D

    "we've become Facebook friends in efforts for me to get a hold of the wedding pictures" ... it's nice to know that our friendship is based on how you like me for me and not because you have ulterior motives... picture-getter-wanter!! Haha.

  2. Okay, okay, it wasn't just for the pictures, I do like you for you... Take care, thanks for the subtle hint to proofread a little better :)

  3. Just FYI, I just read your comment NOW... a year and a half later.